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Hello and welcome to my website.

Web-site creation date: 19th March 2009


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….play the ‘Happy Families Competition where the top prize was

a Brand New Ford Transit Mk1 Sprite Luxury Motorhome.


Most recent updates:

06/02/13 : Mac Markets page: x4 Yateley.

01/02/13 : Mac Markets page: x2 Richmond

01/02/13 : New ‘Unidentified Stores’ page started. x6 pics added

14/01/13 : Mac Markets page: Peterborough.

14/01/13 : Mac Markets page: x6 Guildford, Surrey.

14/01/13 : Shops page. x3 Marlow, Bucks.

08/01/13 : Shops page. Notting Hill Gate.

07/01/13 : Shops page. Bridlington, Yorkshire

07/01/13 : Shops page. x2 Middlesbrough

07/01/13 : Shops page. Chigwell

04/01/13 : Mac Fisheries Forum page opened.

30/12/12 : Shops page. x2 Nottingham.

30/12/12 : Shops page. Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

30/12/12 : Shops page. x3 pics, Swindon

30/12/12 : Shops page. Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

30/12/12 : Shops page. Slough.

30/12/12 : Shops page. x3 Exeter

30/12/12 : Shops page. PeterBorough

30/12/12 : Shops page. Wolverhampton
30/12/12 : Shops page. Hayes, Kent
30/12/12 : Shops page. Stamford, Lincolnshire.
30/12/12 : Shops page. Bedminster, Bristol.
30/12/12 : Shops page x3 pics Exeter.
21st Dec 2012- Shops page = 1 pic, Banstable.
21st Dec 2012- Transport page = 1 pic, Morris.
21st Dec 2012- Mac Market page = 2 pics, Camberley.
21st Dec 2012- History page = 6 pics, Card, H/O, Stornoway.
15th April 2011- 10 pics added to ‘Isle of Wight’ page.
19th April 2011- 2 photos added to ‘Macs Transport’ page.
23rd April 2011- 2 photos added to ‘Macs Transport’ page.
” ” 2 photos added to ‘Isle of Wight’ page.
” ” New ‘Mac Markets’ page started. (many updates to be added here)
24th April 2011- 6 pics added to the ‘Shops’ page.



This is where it all started – the original site of Mac Fisheries first shop – Hill Street, Richmond, Surrey.

I wonder if the plaque still survives?? C

Help! This Web-site needs your input!

19/01/10…Thank You Notice

I would just like to take this opportuity to thank everyone who has helped me compile this web-site over the past few months. So many people have contacted me about Mac Fisheries offering their help, along with donating their personal Macs items, photographs and even just a small email just describing a happy memory of working or shopping at a Macs branch.

I still have a great deal of information to add to the site including many more location address’s, Hundreds of employees names with job titles, along with yet more photographs and letters which have been posted or emailed to me.

I will admit to: by starting this web-site back in March last year was really the wrong time for me to do so, what with preparing to move house, moving house and then everything in the new house needing to be renovated, also my business took on new avenues, I found that dedication to this site has just been snatched here and there as and when I find the time. In my defense I must also say that when I started the site I had no idea as to how much response I would get so felt that any upkeeping would be quick and easy. How wrong was I?

On the house front, things are easing up and hopefully more time will be available to keep this site up to date and to reply to every email and letter I get.

I’m not computer trained, or a web-site builder in any way and have chosen this web building format for it’s ease but some of the layouts I want to do just don’t work and when you lose all your data that you have just typed in it becomes very disheartening (like the employees page) especially when you are a slow two finger typist.

Just as well patience is one thing I do have a lot of.

All in all I enjoy building this site but most of all; I am astounded by all your kindness and generosity and i’m still amazed that by 2009 no-one else had constructed a web-site dedicated to such a loved and sadly missed High Street chain of shops.

Hats off to you all in 2010