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During trading years of Mac Fisheries ( 1919 – 1980 ) no models of vehicles were produced bearing the Macs name or logos.

To date 5 die-cast models and one resin railway container has been produced.
The 1st appeared in 1986 and the most recent 2010

Below are all the models shown in order to as they became available.

Ironic as to the 50+ years (1930s onwards) that die-casts were being produced during Macs trading years and none of the makers produced a model with their logos. The three main mass producing model makers that stand out are Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox.



The first to appear was a Corgi Classic model in 1986 (just 6 years from Macs demise)
A good acurate model Of a Morris Minor Van but with an odd light blue colour.

Model No C957/7. 1:43 scale approx 3″ long x 1-1/2″ high x 1-1/4″wide



After a 12 year gap from the 1st Corgi model, 1998 saw the introduction of another 1:43 scale Morris Minor van but this time produced by the LLEDO PLC company.

Introduced to their brilliant VANGUARDS range and this time wearing close to the proper colours that Mac Fisheries used for many years.
Included with this model was a coloured collectors card showing a picture of the real van. Also came a sheet with 8 differant sets of scaled number plates that you could peel off and apply to the model, along with two sets of plastic wing mirrors attached to a sprue (one square and one round) again allowing you to choose how you wanted your model to look.

Lledo Model No VA11010

NOTE: I have recently discovered that my Morris van is not the only surviving vehicle of the entire Mac Fisheries fleet. After talks with a Mr Russell, it has transpired that he also has a Mac Fisheries van and infact this is the van that Lledo scaled this 1998 model on and is the van photographed on the collectors card enclosed with the model.

I will be meeting Mr Russell soon and he has given me permission to photograph this fully functional, legal and on the road van for this web-site, along with many other Macs items that he owns.

FACT: During the early years of ‘Matchbox/Lesney’ a Mr Bill Odell was very high in management and design for the company. He left Matchbox and formed LLEDO, which was simply his surname in reverse.



Another 10 years, 2008 gives us this time, not one but two new models.
Both released by Corgi.
The first was added to the tiny ‘Trackside’ range, aimed for the OO gauge model
railway market. This small model joined the set in 1/76th scale, was packaged in a typical
window box and was given the No DG211006



The second for 1998 was introduced to Corgi’s ‘Days Gone’ range.
A good accurate model, this time portraying the much loved Austin A35 van.

Released in the familiar 1/43rd scale (80cm long), again packaged in a window box
and had a limited run of only 1510.
Included is a numbered certificate card, showing which number of the run
you had. Corgi model No DG197008



I’d like to feel that I had just a tiny amount of input into this next model.
Last year 2009, I was asked by a Mr Malcolm Butterworth weather or not I had any photographs showing Mac Fisheries railway containers. I didn’t, but knew there was a photograph showing what Malcolm was looking for
on Paul Bartlett’s amazing web-site see:

This site is just full of railtrack photographs and with Paul’s permission, he allowed me to add the Macs picture to this site.

In turn I guided Malcolm to this photo and he was able to use the picture to assist him with
the fine scaleing of his Resin cast model.
Malcolm has now added these models to his web-site see:



The latest model to be released has been introduced by Saico in March 2010.
Made in China and added to their ‘Licensed Classic Collection’, supplied in a 3 window box,
an unusal scale of 1/26 and with that odd light blue colour again.
Opening front and rear doors.

I was contacted by Saico in the later part of last year, stating that the company wanted to introduce a Mac Fisheries van to their very popular Morris Van range and could I give them permission to use the Macs logos. (if only)
I emailed them back stating that I had no rights to any of the Mac Fisheries banners or logos and that they should contact Unilever to persue it.

All I can say is “they must have followed my advise”even though I received no acknowledgement to my reply.

A fairly good model and well worth the £6-£7 mark.


I will update this page as and when new Macs models become available.


My Own Model Vans

Below are photographs of some personalised Morris Minor Vans that I have produced for various people between the years of 2003-2008.

I did have ideas to carry this hobby/very small business on as a sideline, and to maybe expand it in the furture but other comitments, along with some orders not meeting the deadline, led me to quit for now.

After numurious requests I also started applying decals to model Ford Transits, copying company vans for corporate gifts. This really seemed to be way forward judging by the requests I got from my simple one page web-site.
I even produced, on request a personalised model Spitfire plane.

I did enjoy making these models but what with supply of the base models becoming differcult, along with more and more requests for 50 or maybe 100 of the same model, I was forced to refusing orders. I really only wanted to produce one or two of the same model, especially with the way I was set up to make them.

I have made the odd model since 2008, but only after my arm was twisted.

I will add a link from each of the following thumbnails so as they can be opened in more detail.

Strange thing was…..I never made a Mac Fisheries van !!!!!!