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Any information that can be added to material supplied below would be greatly appreicated.

This page is dedicated to Moira Fidler and her relatives.

Back in 2002, using the internet, Moira appealed for help with the following photographs asking for any information in a bid to identify the shops and to seek further info on the items that she knew her father had collected over his working career with Mac Fisheries.

Her grandfather Mr George Henry Nugent, her father Mr Peter John Nugent, her uncle Mr Frank Lionel Nugent and her step-gran Mrs Alice Edith Nugent (nee Marshall) all worked for Mac Fisheries.

With Moira’s permission I have added these wonderful photos along with the details she supplied relating to each one. Each photo has the details that she has managed to put together with her own research.

Any further input to this fantastic collection would be greatly appreciated and I will be very pleased to pass it on to Moira.

Picture 1

Broad Street, Reading, Berkshire. c1937

The date on my first picture, Broad Street Reading, was given to me by my Dad. My grandad is in the picture, first on the right after the delivery boy.

Picture 2

Haven’t a clue where this shop is, except it seems to be next door to a Boots the Chemist. The place on the left has a sign on the wall that appears to read Boyce or Royce or it could be Choice.

My grandad is 3rd man from the right. Not sure how old he is. I tried to zoom in on his left hand , I think he is wearing a wedding ring so that makes the picture after 1920.

I know he worked in Maidstone, Winchester and Torquay, but it could be anywhere, My dad only knew of those places because he was old enough to remember living in them. He was born in 1924 but as most children don’t remember much before they are 3, that could make the picture 1927 +

regards MOIRA

Note: This photograph is now identified as the London Bridge branch. see the comparison on the ‘shopfronts’ page

Picture 3

I have no idea where picture 3 is either. Thought it might be 19 Railway Approach London Bridge but having seen your photo, they don’t look anything a like. My grandad is the man on the left.

The game licence is held by George Northcote Crisford but I doubt he is the other man in the picture. I did a bit of research in to him years ago when I was trying to sort out the shop location.The following, taken from the Crisford family tree I made, is all the information I could find at the time.

8) George Northcote Crisford CBE BA Cam. Emm.
Bc1880 Exeter Devon
Cambridge University Rowing trial Eights No 2 Crew c1902
Law Exam Part I c1902 Part I c1904
Pharmacology & General Pathology Exam Part I c1904

M 29/9/1910 at St John’s Boscombe Christchurch to Effie Mary Saul
d/o the late Wm Saul Esq. MD & Mrs Saul of Dalblair Boscombe & granddaughter of William Broun, 9th Baronet of Colstoun Haddingtonshire NB

Captain East African Forces Mombassa c1915-1917

Began working at Mac Fisheries c1920
Director of Mac Fisheries c1924
Managing Director of Mac Fisheries c 1931 resigned c Dec 1932 to develop ‘Help Yourself Stores’

Lived- Wayside Cottage Burwash Etchingham Sussex c1947
D 23/3/1969 at Gosport age 89 Buried there 28th March. Service conducted by Rev. Kenneth Crisford

Hope this helps


Picture 4

44 High Street, Maidstone, Kent.

This one is 44 High Street Maidstone Kent. It still has the original owners name but it did eventally get the Macfish logo I believe my dad was about 4 or 5 at the time they lived in Maidstone so the pic is probably
c 1929/30

My grandad is the man on the right.

Note: This shop was still trading as Clement & Sharp as late as 1939 WHY?

Picture 5

This picture is of my grandfather George Nugent demonstrating how to chop poultry at the London Food Festival.

Not sure of the exact date but I believe its c 1950. You can just make out the Macfish logo on the paper bag on the table.

Granddad started working in a fish shop when he was about 19 years old. By the time he was in his early twenties it became part of his job to go and work in the newly acquired ex privately owned fish shops that Macfish were buying up. Consequently he was away from home a lot or the family had to move, hence the reason he worked in places from one side of the country to the other.

Eventually they settled in Twyford Berkshire and he ran the Broad Street Reading branch during WW2. He continued to be promoted, working at the Macfish head office in Bracknell. I believe he ended up becoming a divisional manager before retiring in 1963

My Dad, Peter Nugent started with Macfish about 1946/7. I believe he went up to Fraserburgh to over see the construction of the compressor units before the canning factory was opened c 1949/50. In 1960 he moved to Grimsby- think that’s were the frozen veg factory is- then in 1962 he moved to head office at Bracknell, where he stayed until he retired in the 1980’s.

I don’t know about my uncles career with Macfish, other than the fact he also worked at the Reading branch during the war until he went in to the army. He also worked at head office but I don’t know what his job was at that stage. He retired about 5 years before my dad.

I have no idea what my step gran did but I think she might have been in the accounts department.
Hope this is some help to you




Picture 6

My dad has written on the back-

9-10 Hyde Park Corner, Leeds

‘Christmas Show’ 1935


Picture 7

I believe this one is 180 High Street Stoke Newington c 1920ish- but that is a guess after I
did a bit of detective work using the lists of premises from the housewife’s diary & trade directories on the net. It was the only place that had 180 as part of its address

My Granddad is the man standing on the right with his hand on his hip


Note: Moira is correct about the address. The Charles Dean name was dropped between 1936/39


Picture 8

Transcript of the notes written by my dad and someone else on the back of the picture.

Photograph taken by Herbert Walker, Scarborough

Y8 MacFisheries 30 Huntriss? Row, Scarborough Christmas show 1923

Mr. Bland the manager does not appear on this.

A Mr. Bland went on to become a supervisor-whether it was the Mr. Bland referred to in the photo or his son is not known.



PS think the Y8 might be a reference to the shop identification number because something similar appears on a couple of other photos I have yet to send you.


Picture 9

_Now I’m not too sure about this and the next picture I am sending as I didn’t find them with my Dad’s other stash of pictures, but he did have stuff all over the house! I can only assume they eventually became Macfish shops. Sadly they are the most damaged and faded of all the pictures

_This one only has LN8 written on the back and the photographers stamp Ethel M Patterson, 27 Topsfield Parade, Crouch End




Picture 10

This one has nothing to identify it except LN2 on the back. As I found it together with the last picture I can only guess its also somewhere in London.


Picture 11

Photo of my granddad and other Macfish managers. Grandad is the man standing in the centre of the middle row. Sadly no names or year but possibly in the 1950’s however it does have the photographers name printed on the sid

C E May, Reading


Picture 12

Another picture of my GD with Macfish managers and the Chairman GD is the man centre back. Guess the chairman is the man sitting centre front. No idea when it was taken but my GD looks a lot older so perhaps late 1950’s to early 1960’s Has the photographers stamp on the back
John M Fletcher
The Studio
53 South Street




Picture 13

This ones self explanatory, although theres no clue to where it was taken. Its my Dad in the picture this time 4th from right back row.


Picture 14

This one was too big to fit in my scanner so I had to miss the top off. The wording missing is as follows:
Mac Fisheries Limited
Retail Executive Meeting
17th – 20th March 1957

My grandad in the picture again 3rd from left front row.
No clue to where it was taken
Note: Can anyone identify the wonderful building?


Picture 15

Fraserburgh compressor room prior to its completion c 1949
You can just see my dad in the centre of the picture


Picture 16

This one was too big to fit so the top is missing
Unilever Limited- Supervisors Course XXVIII

No date or place indicated (is that St Paul’s in the background?) but my dad is in the picture, 3rd from left at the back and he is listed as coming from Fromac Fraserburgh so it has to be before 1960


Picture 17

I found the attached photo today whilst looking through my granddads old photo album. The album has photos of him and his family, so I don’t know if it has anything to do with MacFisheries, but if he had gone to all the trouble of sticking it in an album it must have meant something to him. Maybe it was the first shop he ever worked in. Perhaps its where he learnt his trade, Sadly there are no clues to its location. All I know he was already working in the fish trade before he married in 1920 but whether it was for Macfish I am not sure.

Even though its a mystery, I thought you might like to see it anyway.

many regards


Thank you so much Moria for taking the trouble in sending me all these wonderful photographs and descriptions. I do hope that some-one will be able to help with you’re family tree and my web-site by adding more infomation that will help identify some of you’re photographs.