Mac Markets

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This page is dedicated to the Mac Fisheries Mac Market branch of the company.

This page will receive a lot of info on the supermarket division,

which i will be adding in due course

Many photos of M/M shopfronts and interiors.

…..Most recent updates

added : 11/10/14, Cannock

added : 08/10/14 Brentwood

added : 08/10/14 Wolverhampton

added : 08/10/14 Evesham

added : 08/10/14 Mitcham

added : 04/10/14 Harpendon
added : 04/10/14

added : 07/02/13, x5 Northwood Hills

added: 06/02/13, x4 Yateley.

added: 01/02/13, x2 Richmond

added: 14/01/13. Peterborough.

added: 14/01/13. x5 Guildford.

added: 14/01/13. Woking.


Uploaded 11 Oct 2014

Uploaded 08 Oct 2014

Brentwood, Essex Mac Market Sep 75

Mac Market in Brentwood was the first retail store to open in a new shopping development just off the High Street. It had two entrances, the one in the photo was immediately adjacent a multi-story car park.
Uploaded 08 Oct 2014

Mac Market Wolverhampton

May 1975

Uploaded 08 Oct 2014


Mac Market at Mitcham Surrey

Sept 1973

Uploaded 08 Oct 2014

A different view to “Broken Biscuits”….it’s now “Soggy Biscuits”

Mac Markets Store at Evesham. June 1976

Uploaded 04 Oct 2014

Mac Market at Church Green, Harpenden. 1977

Uploaded 04 Oct 2014

Mac Market at Church Green, Harpenden. 1977

TO VIEW THE FULL MOVIE (2.45 minutes) click on the link below.


Uploaded 08 January 2014

Mac Market at the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre, Nottingham

July 1974


Uploaded 08 January 2014

A March 1975 view from the main entrance of the

Mac Market store in Bishops Stortford.


Added: 07/02/13

Mac Market at Northwood Hills in Middlesex

Opened in 1976


Added: 06/02/13

Mac Market at Yateley, Hampshire

This Mac Market was set in an expanding residential area and was aimed to attract car-bourne shoppers from as much as 10 miles away.

A busy team of provisions assistants were fully occupied coping with the demand of customers for personal service.

Bold advertising made sure the shoppers did not miss the attractive prices

Volume merchandising in the beverages section made for an impressive display. The most highly competitive lines were projected forward on plinths in a bid to tempt the customer.

Bulk display of Pepsi in tray packs helped shift plenty of cans at Yateley Mac Market. Hanging placards dominate the store in a bid to hit home the low prices.


Added: 01/02/13

Mac Market at Richmond, Surrey.

The wine department is a separate shop from the main store with a connecting entrance internally.

Even though the wine store was narrow it had an atmosphere of studied professionalism and was a very busy sub branch for MM


Added: 14/01/13

Further to the posting on the ‘Shops’ page which shows the Peterborough Mac Fisheries as a Food Centre, here is the same store which in 1977 was now trading as a

Mac Market, Cathedral Square, Peterborough.

Deliveries to this branch was very differcult as all stock had to enter the front doors of the shop whilst trucks had to obstruct a busy predestrian crossing.


Added: 14/01/13

In 1963 plans were drawn up for five major new stores, 59 shops and 48 flats
with 125,000 square feet of offices to the north of Commercial Road, Woking, Surrey. Work began on demolishing the old properties on the site in 1968 and in 1969 a
‘comprehensive development area’ was designated. The following year Woking
Council reached an agreement with Norwich Union for the scheme and work began on
construction. It included a new by-pass for the town (Victoria Way), with
multi-storey car parks at Victoria Way and behind the shops in Church Street.
The Victoria Way car park opened in June 1971 (charging 3p for up to two hours),
with the town centre car park opening just two years later in advance of many of
the new shops such W.H. Smiths, Robert Dyers and

Mac Fisheries supermarket Mac Market

Woking Surrey


Added : 14/01/13


9th Dec 1971 the new Guilford Mac Market lies poised and ready to open at the new Tunsgate Square Shopping Centre, just off the Guildford High Street.

This was the 3rd Mac Fisheries store location in Guildford over the years. Less than a 100m from this new location the old Market Street 2 trader store still operated, serving many loyal customers.

To see a wonderful image of this old No2 – 3 Market Street store, that had traded under the name of Phillips from 1868:

open this link.

Phillips was a small chain of fishmongers that Lord Leverhulme had bought out from the start of Mac Fisheries.

Photograph sourced and supplied to me from the Guildford Museum. Thank You.

Billowing canvas in bright orange, highlights the provisions cabinets at the new store. The shop also had a fully staffed delicatessen to provide the customer with an alternative to pre-packed goods

This picture shows team leader Paul du Toit, normally manager at Reading Mac Market, on a control visit to the new Guildford store following re-merchandising.
He is discussing the display of vegetables with the Guildford store manager
David Pritchard

The following two photos show Ron Flanders, the fruit merchandiser, beginning his display of oranges, this layout was easy but certain, more perishable products would have been laid out much closer to the opening day at this new Guildford store

Ron Flanders adding the finishing touches to the hard selling wines an spirits shelves.


Added 04/02/12

Mac Market on 11 – 13 Old High Street, Headington, Oxford.

1975 saw Macfisheries quickly build the biggest supermarket in the Headington area. It was easy to reach from the surrounding areas and had ample parking alongside.

Macs had catered for all shoppers and with their well stocked ‘Handyman’ section, more and more male shoppers were using the store to buy their DIY and trade supplies.

With around 12,000 sq ft of floor space, it provided space for a very wide range of goods, gave the shopper plenty of aisle space and allowed the store to really display their signage and special offers.

Headington Mas had a very popular Handyman section

Modern, bright lighting with wide aisles made for a happy Headington shopper.

This store is still well remembered by many people that contact me. Colin


Added 04/02/12

388 Kings Road, Chelsea SW3

In a complete contrast to the Headington shop above. Here we have what – Reg Joslyn – (see ‘History’ page) called ..”a frying pan”.. store.

You will notice from the interior pics that space was at a real premium.

Note 5 years seperate the two shopfront pics, in which time the ‘Food Centre’ description had disappeared in favour of the ‘Mac Market’ heading, again as Reg explained.

I wonder if Reg drove a Renault 16 in those days, as with both shopfront pics, one has prime parking outside the store, even with a Macs delivery truck arriving.

November 1972

September 1977

Because of its size Chelsea Mac Market was a veritable Aladdins cave of good food, with its bright decor, modern shelving and 3 electronic tills trade was brisk but really only catered for the daily shoppers rather than the housewife’s bulky weekly shop.

Just as well judging by the lack of trolly room…. Colin


Added: 21/12/12

Two 1971 photos of the Camberley Mac Market, in Surrey.

With the whole of the Town being re-built, this Mac M really shone out among the clean lines of modern architecture

The shops spacious interior had bold product signs fixed to the wall, these quickly gained the name of ‘trampolines’. Most of these new shops were now using bright tungsten lamps, set in enamel shades. A far cry from the 100w lightbulb.