Resto Project

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Restoration Project

Morris Series Z, 1952.

5cwt Van. 918cc side-valve engine. Reg No SPE 901

Used as Reigate Mac Fisheries delivery vehicle during the early 1950s

This van was last on the road September 1964. It was parked in a private garage in Horley, Surrey. I discovered it in 1986, bought the van and moved it back to a Reigate lock-up garage, where it stayed for ten years untouched. I then moved it to an out-building in the old Dorking Limeworks, Betchworth, Surrey,where it rested for another four years. This building really encouraged the ageing effect due to the very damp and dusty conditions. (The first six van photos below are from the day I recovered it from Betchworth in 2000)

I moved it to its current resting place, a heated three car garage in Holmwood, Dorking, Surrey.

I will add more photographs as work progresses.