This page is dedicated to all paraphernalia connected with Mac Fisheries.

I will update on a regular basis as and when old or new material comes to light.

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These two photographs and many more over the web-site have been supplied to me

from Mr Jason Maclean.

Jason's father, Mr Donald Maclean worked as logistics director for Mac Fisheries during

the 60s and 70s. He had offices at H.O. Bracknell and Jason also thinks he had one at Camberley. This sign hung outside one of his office doors.


shop sign 1


shop sign 2 

Jason has also provided me with 62 Mac Fisheries posters, which his

father rescued from a rubbish skip during his time at Macs.

See the 'Advertising' page.




Another gift from the Mac Fisheries group given to:

Mr & Mrs C.J.Furber

by the Scottish managers and staff in August 1964.

A lovely silver trinket box with an adjustable, sectioned timber lined interior. 


macs trinket box 





The following 12 photographs have been supplied to me by Miles Lanham.



The first 11 photos were taken at a small exhibition held at the Design Museum in 2007

dedicated to   Hans Schleger's  work.

Hans designed a great deal of packaging and posters for Mac Fisheries, along with other big

names like John Lewis Partnership etc


The Mac Turkey pic was photographed at the London Transport Museum by Miles.










macfisheries shrimps




macfisheries cod fillets




macfisheries sausages




macs peas




macfisheries strawberries




macfisheries raspberries




macfisheries breadcrumbs



macfisheries bags
 macfisheries turkey
Thank you Miles
macs frozen kiltie
 A Mac Fisheries company handbook


This booklet was given to all new members of

Mac Market staff from approximately late 1960s

click on the page numbers below to read.


Mac Market handbook



Contents and Index


Click to zoom in

handbook contents


Click on the page numbers below to read the book


Click on each new window as it opens to magnify further 


 Page 1&2          Page 3&4          Page 5&6          Page 7&8         Page 9&10   


Page 11&12      Page 13&14      Page 15&16     Page 17&18      Page 19&20 


Page 21&22       Page 23&24       Page 25&26       Page 27&28 




A recent purchase

c1950s-60s Mac Fisheries enamel van drivers badge

33mm diameter


Macfisheries drivers badge




1927 Housewife's Diary

Each day has a different fish recipe.

Read some very interesting views on the 1920s lifestyle

Click on the photos to enlarge


                               1927 Housewife''''s Diary    preface


diary 1st page   diary jan   january 23rd diary   diary banking 


diary calender   diary carving   diary fireless   diary hints 1


diary hints 2   diary index   diary numbers   diary postal


diary servants
macfisheries diaries 
Mac Fisheries Lager and Pale Ale cans from 1972

  Mac lager 1       Mac lager 2

pale ale
beer cans 70s 





Macs beer bottle labels.   c1972



bottle labels 




Pre 1971 product. 7d (old pence)


Quality product, still usable in 2009


Mac polish





Matchbox supplied to me free of all charges by





Thank you Tim





Mac Fisheries Playing Cards


macs playing cards 1


macs playing cards 2
invoice 1   invoice 2
invoice 3   macfisheries brompton  macfisheries brompton 2
These two great paintings have been kindly donated to the site by the
artist Cuillin Bantock. A very clever man with a great style.
 To visit his site and view his great paintings
click on this link

(check out his biography link. Wow!)


Painted in 2008 and based on his childhood memories of Barnt Green,
Worcestershire, where he grew up.
Click paintings to enlarge
Mac Fisheries, Hewell Road, Barnt Green, Worcestershire
               macs painting 1          macs painting 2  
mac market bag
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